The Controller Project - Custom Modifications for People with Physical Disabilities, has been supplying free or nearly free modifications for disabled gamers for over 10 years.
To help people with physical disabilities play games, The Controller Project wants to create a library of 3D printed parts that can attach non-destructively to a game controller to allow for non-standard hand positions. That means, parts that can just clip on or assemble around the controller without harming it, or requiring disassembly.
Non standard hand positions are extremely common for many reasons. It could be muscular dystrophy or an amputation or even just simply a preference. Unfortunately, there’s no perfect one-size-fits-all solution for a problem like this. Even two people with the same physical need may prefer different setups.
The following designs were my contribution to the same with one of them getting validated by a special needs gamer and also the man who has been handling the Controller Project for so long!
This design caters towards anyone having any neuromuscular disorder. Sometimes the angle of the buttons & triggers or the pressure required to push the buttons or at time even reaching out to the buttons can be difficult for some.
This snap on mod 'extends' these buttons and triggers and are now accessible from the sides giving the user more comfort and something less to worry about.
The assembly of the trigger and shoulder button extension is a special 3 step snap-fit design.
This design is a snap on for the Xbox One controller but is intended to be modified according the different controllers available in the market. Watch the full video of my design being modified for the Power A Fusion controller and validated by a fellow gamer having a neuromuscular disorder here!

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