Crawling Creatures
Age Group : Open for All
Material : 3mm MDF Laser Cut Parts, cardboard templates, 9V Battery + Motors (pre-assembled circuit), colored papers, markers
Duration : 3hrs

My original workshop on creating customizable DIY electromechanical robots which does not require prior knowledge of electronics or mechanisms required. Open to all age groups, this workshop teaches a basic mechanism of 'cam' which is customizable and is used to create the unique crawling motion of the creature. All the parts are laser cut and participants are given cardboard template cutouts to create their own cams for the creatures. Colored papers and markers are then used to create a your unique creature / character.
The first workshop was conducted in one of India's most reputed educational institute, the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Gandhinagar.

Some 'creatures' created during the workshop by different participants.
DIY Lamp Workshop
School : Jnana Prabodhini Prashala
Age Group : 14-16yrs
Material : Cardboard, Paper, colored Gelatin Paper, 9V battery + LED strip
Duration : 3hrs
September 2018
A small DIY lamp making workshop was conducted for the students of Jnana Prabodhini to engage them with creative activities and inspire them to take up creative streams as a career path. These students aged 14-16yrs were given the freedom to design a lamp of their choice. Cardboard was used to create the body structure of the lamp and colored gelatin paper was used to work as a color filter to the lamp. Following images showcase the activity and the lamps created by the students.
Art, Design & Creative Skills Instructor + Design Career Guidance
Silica Institute [Classroom Coaching]

Age Group : 16-18yrs
In India, Design as a career is quite unknown to a lot of people, art and other creative skills are expected to be honed only as a hobby. Silica Institute is such a career guidance institute which provides you information of all possible design career paths and helps prepare students for their entrance exams. I have been teaching and mentoring the students in this institute since 2015. I have mentored over 500 students till 2022 and most of them are in reputed design schools in India and even some International design schools.
Some quick illustrations done by me on a white board in 15 minutes while teaching 'perspective' and creative memory drawing.
Some characters and sculptures made using clay by students under my guidance to explore different materials.
Some 3D models made using cardboard and other materials by students under my guidance to explore and understand scale and proportion as well as material handling.
Some 3D models made using scrap / waste materials by students under my guidance to make 'best out of waste'.
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