I was playing around with some old computer parts in December 2013, I was dismantling a CD drive when I came across a small lens with a high magnification power. I used this small lens with my mobile phone camera to capture the newly found 'Macro World'.
Concept 1
Itertion 2
Images clicked using the lens on hTC Desire X ( 5 MegaPixel Camera ).
Dead Housefly, Human Eye, Leg of a Spider, Spider and an Ant.
The invention of the microscope has opened up a whole new dimension in science. But not all people have the access to a Microscope. In an era where all the fields are growing at such an enormous rate, there are still many who don't get basic education.
Microscopes used in Educational Institutes and Laboratories.
Mobile Microscope attachments available in the market currently.
Concept 2
3D printed prototype of Concept 2.
Testing the protoype.
The basic cell structure; the cell wall and the nucleus is visible using the prototype.
A few modifications to the previous model.
The work is still in progress.
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