The 'HandsFree360' is an attachment to the chest mount for action cams to make the invisible selfie stick handsfree for 360 cameras.
This modular attachment, comprised of only four 3D printed components, enhances the enjoyment of adventures and simplifies the process of capturing the experience, freeing both hands from the need to hold a selfie stick.
Please note: This attachment is compatible only with a specific or generic model of chest mount, which must have a length of 86mm, as illustrated below. It may be necessary to replace the elastic strap of the chest mount with a non-elastic band to ensure a stable setup. Once the camera is mounted and the invisible selfie stick is extended, there may be some swaying due to the elastic strap of the chest mount.
1. Insert a 2mm foam / rubber strip of '104mm x 10mm' inside the invisible selfie stick holder and stick it using the double sided tape. This will act as a grip to hold on to the invisible selfie stick.
2. Begin by securely snapping the 'Chest Mount Clip' onto the chest mount. No screws or glue are needed for this step, and the clip is easily removable.
3. Next, attach the desired length of 'Adjustable Arms' – either the 2-inch, 3-inch, or both – to the assembly.
4. Now, affix the 'Invisible Selfie Stick Holder' onto the assembly.
5. Finally, utilize any existing chest mount 'buckle' clip on the chest mount to attach the second 'Invisible Selfie Stick Holder'.
All the following images were clicked on Insta360 One X2 using this 3D printed 'HandsFree360' modular attachment.
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