Images showcasing the ground reality and the state of the broom makers they work in (top).
The process of making the broom using date-palm leaves.
The aim of this project was to develop an ergonomic tool or a machine which will increase the efficiency and productivity of the beating of the broom.
Fabricated this model in National Innovation Foundation (NIF) Workshop, Gandhinagar in 4 days.
The brooms when attached to the wheel, spin and hit the sharpened nails, forcing the leaves to split thus creating fibers which in turn create the fine broom.
There were 2 attempts made before by some Innovators which unfortunately didn't workout. This 3rd attempt was successful, though many changes have to be made but the direction for this project to go forward with is decided.
Figuring out the exact gear ratio so as to get fine splits from the leaves, and a joinery which can rotate the broom by 180 degrees as only one side of the broom is getting spliced needs to be worked on. The number of brooms which can be attached to the wheel can also be increased from 3 to 6, thus maximizing the output.
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